Routed vs. Bracketed

Florida State Fence utilizes precision engineering for an advanced click into place routed fence system thereby eliminating the need for brackets, and screws which can be unsightly and lead to complications down the road.

Home Center Fences and other competitor bracketed systems are no bargain. Sections are sold as a lost leader but the brackets, posts, caps and gates are very expensive. The total system will cost you as much or more than a high quality florida state fence vinyl fence. Pickets are glued onto the rails, are not neighbor friendly and have a history of falling off. Brackets and screws come apart, may be assembled incorrectly and can rust and deteriorate over time.

  • Bracketed fence systems are for “non-professional” (amateur) use and typically sold in “big box” stores
  • The brackets can’t account for the expansions and contraction causing panels to “blow out” during temp changes or wind gusts
  • Bracketed systems generally require “sleeve over wood” posts design as the sleeve is very thin and non-structural
  • Fence sections are sold without supporting metal inserts
  • Bracketed fence systems typically do not provide U-channels which not only eliminate gaps yet also add strength and stability to each section thereby increasing the overall wind load and structural integrity.
  • Maximum spans are usually 6’ requiring more posts, post holes, brackets, etc.
  • Smaller panels with no insert are often advertised with a very low, attractive, per panel pricing yet once you add in all the other necessary pieces and parts, the pricing will typically exceed the price of a professional quality routed fence system
  • Enduris PVC routed systems are neighbor friendly, providing a beautiful yard on both sides of the fence



Florida State Fences components are designed to fit together perfectly. Tight tolerances and exacting engineering are hallmarks of Enduris vinyl fencing; providing neighbor friendly appeal and long lasting beauty.

Our professional grade, routed system s are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials with exacting specifications for the perfect amount of UV inhibitors, color stabilizers and impact modifiers to create fences that will last a lifetime.

You get complete control over look and feel – Pick colors, size, textures, designs, and caps to enhance your architecture. Your vinyl fencing can even be customized to fit hills and valleys.

Courtesy of Enduris