Vinyl fence advantages and maintenance

Vinyl Fence Advantages

Vinyl fence has become an extremely popular choice over standard wood fences and galvanized chain link fence. Vinyl fence or commonly referred to as PVC fence typically come with a limited lifetime vinyl fence warranty and a labor warranty of one (1) year or more. The materials are extremely durable and will last 5 times longer than a wood fence. There a greater upfront cost for vinyl fence but it will last longer and look better than any wood fence ever will.

Vinyl fence is very easy to clean and maintain. All a homeowner needs to do is, routinely spray the vinyl fence down with a garden hose and this will keep your vinyl fence looking clean and new!

If you have neglected fence so some time and your vinyl fence is starting to shows some signs mold or coloring simply use clean rag and wipe the vinyl down until it’s back to it’s original color.

White vinyl fence does not decompose or weaken over time like wood fence and this will ensure it looks amazing for years to come.

Outside of cleaning the vinyl fence the maintenance is minimal and your fence will retain it’s color for years to come.

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