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Maintenance-Free Composite Fencing

With over 20 years of commitment to perfecting the composite fence, Trex offers a lineup of several low-maintenance fencing solutions. Providing the perfect blend of a natural wood look, durability, and minimal maintenance, Trex Fence is a highly desired aesthetic for commercial properties. Several businesses, industrial facilities, and corporate offices choose Trex Fence because of how unique it is and how much attention it draws. Another reason they are chosen is because of Trex’s efforts to be as socially and environmentally responsible as possible, as they are made with 96% recycled material. Trex is designed to mimic the board-on-board look of a standard wood fence while also ensuring long-term reliability. There is truly no better way to enclose a commercial property or unsightly dumpsters than the elegant look of a Trex Composite Fence.

Whether you’re interested in a Trex Fence to enclose your business, warehouse, or waste facilities, the professional team at Florida State Fence can meet your needs with a custom-designed composite fence layout in the Tampa Bay area or throughout the entire state of Florida.

comparative cost of material: wood & trex graph

Why Should You Consider a Trex Composite Fence?

Trex Composite fencing offers many advantages; however, its most notorious edge is long-term cost. Over time Trex provides the greatest continuous value a fence can give. It is known that approximately 10-12 years after the initial install, the cost of installation and upkeep for a basic board-on-board or stockade wood fence exceeds the cost of a Trex Composite Fence. The only maintenance required for a Trex Fence is a regular rinse with a hose for that stunning “just-installed” look. In commercial environments especially, fences take a beating. A standard wood fence is significantly less likely to withstand the scrapes, bumps, and natural erosion that occur to wood fences in commercial and industrial environments. Wood fences also require regular upkeep such as painting, coating, and replacements in order to maintain a healthy look, but a Trex Fence can withstand the weathering associated with commercial properties. Trex is one of the most structurally superior fences on the market due to its reinforcement brackets, aluminum support rails, strong posts, and interlocking design of its boards. Because of its quality structure, Trex is a preferred solution for commercial properties and if often used to hide unsightly dumpsters and exposed water/sewage lines.

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Fencing Gone Green

Trex Composite Fencing is made from an innovative hybrid of 96% recycled wood and plastic, and has been for over 20 years. Reclaimed wood and sawdust, which otherwise would have ended up in a landfill, is used to manufacture Trex fences. That reclaimed wood is combined with recycled plastic from everyday products such as grocery bags, dry cleaner bags, and newspaper sleeves in in order to construct a superior quality fence while also contributing to a healthier environment. In fact, an average of 140,000 recycled plastic bags are used to manufacture 100-linear feet of Trex Fencing. Florida State Fence has partnered with Trex Fencing to provide a beautiful fencing solution while also being environmentally responsible. Call us today to schedule an estimate for Trex Fence on your commercial property.

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