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Central Florida Dumpster Gate Installation

One of the best solutions to hide unsightly waste is to gate it in. At Florida State Fence, we know how unappealing it is to see a dumpster full of trash near a business, especially if that business is an eatery. With styles and designs you will love, we would be more that happy to take care of that displeasing sight. In addition to hiding waste bins and dumpsters, a well designed dumpster gate can serve as a barrier against animals and small rodents. Many businesses even decide this is their main reason for a dumpster gate. We offer a variety of materials to choose from and styles that will surely look good around your business.

A dumpster gate can also add value to your commercial property. Florida State Fence’s commercial/industrial fencing division is specifically tailored to provide prompt, reliable, and professional service. Our long history of experience, state of the art tools and equipment, unequaled installation experts, and fully knowledgeable sales professionals allow us to properly assess and satisfy your fencing requirements.

dumpster gate

Why Should You Enclose Your Waste Bins & Dumpsters?

  • Hide Unsightly Waste
  • Protect Against Animals and Rodents
  • Enhanced Aesthetic
  • Adds Value to Your Property

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