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Way out in the Australian outback is a dingo-proof fence that extends an astonishing 3,480 miles across. It’s so long that some scientists have suggested it might be responsible for changing the Australian ecosystem. While you’re probably not looking to keep out dingoes, there are a few lessons to take from this immense fence. It’s sturdy, it serves to both define a border and offer security, and it’s easy to maintain. When fencing your backyard in 2021, you need to balance both budget and aesthetics. Understanding what fence styles are trending can help you save money (you’ll be buying what’s available in quantity) and ensure you get a fence that doesn’t fall out of fashion too quickly.

Read on and get ready to impress the neighbors with your brand new on-trend fence.

Versatile Chain Link

Are you looking for an inexpensive fencing solution? Consider chain-link! Though you’ve probably seen it more commonly protecting the borders of sports fields, schoolyards, or commercial properties, chain-link fences are on-trend for homes in 2021. This type of fence is typically crafted from galvanized steel, which is sometimes coated in vinyl for extra protection, and its distinctive diamond shape is built for strength.

With people spending more time than ever before in their backyards, many have realized their gardens aren’t as secure as they need to be. Maybe you want to let the dog out to run unsupervised, perhaps the kids need a safe area to play in, or it could be that the neighbor’s chickens keep getting into your vegetable patch. Whatever the need, a sturdy, cost-effective chain-link fence has you covered.

Low-Maintenance Fences

Are you coveting that vintage-look wrought iron fence but lamenting the cost? Try aluminum instead. This inexpensive metal is durable and flexible enough to mimic some of its more traditional counterparts while coming in at a more budget-friendly price per foot.

One of the best things about aluminum is the wide range of colors and designs it’s available in. Mix and match with different types of wood for ultra-contemporary fence designs.

Vinyl fences are even more cost-effective, versatile, long-lasting than aluminum. Though relatively new to the market, homeowners, fencing contractors, and landscape designers alike embrace the material due to the wide range of different fence styles.

Since a vinyl fence is essentially plastic, it’s available in an enormous variety of colors; two-tone fence designs in gorgeous neutrals are trendy in 2021. But best of all, a vinyl fence is set to last you a whopping 20 to 30 years on average.

Warm Wood Fence Styles

No matter the year’s trends, one thing that’s never gone out of date is classic wood fence styles.  From a time-tested stockade fence to a more contemporary and neighbor-friendly shadowbox barrier, you can’t go wrong with timber fences. They’re warm, strong, eco-friendly, and easy to build.

You need to consider two crucial features when commissioning a wood fence: the type of wood you want to use and the fence’s style. When it comes to wood types, hardwoods like cedar and oak are long-lasting and come in beautifully natural colors but tend to fall on the higher end of the price spectrum.

For price-sensitive homeowners or those looking to DIY their fence, consider soft pinewood. It’s easy to work with, and you can stain or paint it in a wide variety of attractive colors.

Practical Pet-Proof Fences

Over 10 million cats and dogs are lost or stolen every year in America. Worse, 2013 statistics suggest that more than 6 million pets died on US roads in that year alone. If you want to make sure your beloved furry family member doesn’t become a tragic statistic, it’s time to consider fencing your property.

Thankfully, today’s pet-proof partitions are as attractive as they are secure. Since dogs can’t climb, most traditional fence options and horizontal fence styles will do. A chain-link fence or heavy-duty lattice panels will allow your dog to see the action going on outside the property.

For cats, things get a bit trickier. If you’re not keen to keep your kitty inside all the time, you can line the top of your fence with sloping wire barriers or consider building a catio with access from a window. It may take a few solutions to thwart your feline friend’s increasingly clever escape attempts.

Keeping It Private

A fence protects your property from invasion, but it also keeps nosy neighbors in check. Perhaps you want to make sure your hot tub area stays private, or maybe you’re seeking to build your very own secret garden. Whatever the reason for your reclusiveness, privacy fence styles need to be tall and gap-free–at least for the first two-thirds of the fence height.

Go classy with beams crafted from solid cedar, or save money with pressure-treated wood or vinyl. Decorative lattice panels along the top let you grow pretty vines like wisteria, honeysuckle, or even passionfruit. Go international with a Japanese-style fence and embrace sustainable materials like bamboo.

Don’t forget to coordinate the gates and post caps with whatever style and materials you select.

Quaint Fence Styles

Nothing is quite so quintessentially American as the white picket fence. A staple of the Colonial Revival design movement, the white picket fence won over fence skeptics in the 1800s.

Today, people use white picket fences to add charm to a period property or character home. But unlike their predecessors, manufacturers craft their scalloped tops and thin beams from durable aluminum or even vinyl.

Another vintage-look fence is the classic post-and-rail style, also known as estate fencing. Reminiscent of verdant Vermont farms or a Wyoming horse ranch, this split-rail design can be crafted from wood, vinyl, or metal.

A Fence to Suit Your Needs

When deciding on the fence styles that are right for your property and your family’s needs, keep in mind your budget, your lifestyle, and your current outdoor decor.

If you value privacy, a tall, beautifully crafted cedar privacy fence might be what you need. If you’re looking for good looks on a budget, don’t be shy to go for vinyl. And if you need something to keep the dog safe, a simple chain-link fence would do the trick.

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