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Property owners are always looking to keep their homes looking fresh, modern, and up-to-date. One way to do this is by adding a brand new wood fence to the yard.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about renovating and could do with a change in your fencing. That’s perfect because we’ve got you covered! We’re here to give you seven reasons why installing a wood fence can benefit you.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. They’re Easily Replaced if Damaged

Materials for wood fences are easy to come by if they become damaged. They’re often cheaper than other materials too. That way, you can be sure to keep your garden looking beautiful all year round!

Your wood fence contractor will be able to source new materials with ease so that they’re replaced quickly and efficiently. When you add this to their expertise, you know the job will also be successfully completed.

If you do encounter breaks or damages to your fence, check your home insurance – you could be covered! If so, you’ll benefit also from a reduction in cost.

2. They Can Be Quickly Installed

It doesn’t take as long to complete the job as it does when working with other materials. Some require much more time, attention, and skill to fit.

But it’s not just the installation where time saved comes in – that also comes for corrections too! If a touch-up is needed, the wood fence needs fixing, or you want to make a change, it’s not too difficult to do. Your contractor is prepared and ready to take on the challenge so that you can get back to your daily routine before you know it.

Generally, it only takes a single day to finish your fence installation.

3. Installing a Wood Fence Is Cheaper

If you compare a wood fence to the likes of one made from wrought iron, the cost of fence installation is much less. So if you’re sticking close to a strict budget, it can be a smart move to choose wood!

Your contractor will discuss the following:

  • The price of materials
  • The cost of labor
  • Expense when compared with other selections

That way, you can decide if a wood fence is right for you.

When you factor in the cost for installation, repairs, and design, wood looks good in comparison with the rest!

4. It Offers Privacy Well

Consider your backyard your sacred place: where you like to unwind, spend time with family, and hang with friends.

The good news is that with a wood fence you can keep others away, as well as their pets. It can also help keep your home safe too! To make sure it’s secure, you should consider the:

  • Type of wood you choose
  • Height of your wood fence
  • Likelihood of criminal activity in your area

Stockade fences are perfect for privacy. They’re solid, compact, and strong. By choosing a higher fence, you can also reduce the chance of an intruder getting in. This will make it much more difficult to gain access via the fence.

5. Boosts the Property Value

Having a wood fence fitted can increase your home’s property value. So, if you’re looking to sell it in the future, choosing wood for your fencing can be a great investment indeed! You can then expect your property to sell for a higher price, meaning that the initial cost of installation will return to you in profit.

To ensure the job’s done right, it’s best to seek the help of a professional contractor. In addition, you can receive the right advice about fences for property value. At Florida State Fence, we’ll do just that for you!

6. They Come in Various Shapes and Styles

Wood fences are available in many different shapes, designs, and sizes. Therefore, you’ll have no problem finding one that you like and that perfectly fits your yard.

But there’s one thing they all have in common: they hold strong in harsh conditions and so last for a long time! Here are some of the top designs that you can choose from so that you can keep your home with the times:

  • Board-on-board fences
  • Shadowbox fences
  • Horizontal privacy fences

Board-on-board fences offer an original type of fencing. This contemporary style of wooding is layered elegantly to give you a finished product that’s pleasing to the eye!

With shadowbox fencing, you can benefit from a stylish wood fence. The design comes on both sides so that your neighbor can admire its beauty while you receive privacy. We have various sizes for you to choose from.

Horizontal fences are certainly not traditional – they’re a hot new trend! They look great, provide a sense of space, and give a look that’s unique. You can choose the style to come with sections closed together or separated, however you like!

7. It’s an Eco-Friendly Choice

Wood fencing provides an opportunity for you to support environmental practices that keep the world green. If your fence needs replaced or fixed, old parts can be recycled. That way, you can reduce your contribution to landfill.

Recycling plants also give materials back for contractors to reuse which makes the wood more cost-effective. Also, this means that when the time comes around when you need more work you’ll have to pay a lower price.

When choosing wood, you can help save the natural world!

Get Your New Stylish Wood Fence Fitted Here

With the right materials, you can have a wood fence installed that gives your home a new and improved look. Whether it’s a stockade, board-on-board, shadowbox, or other, you’ve got lots of choices. So, you can find the style that’s best for you.

We’ve looked at seven advantages of installing a wood fence. Now, the ball’s in your court, so what will you do? It’s time to buy your new fence today!

Get on board with the top company with the best reputation in Tampa Bay. Are you in the Lakeland area and in need of a wood fence? Call us right away! We’re ready to give you the fence for all your needs.

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