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Some fences last a long time, like NYC’s oldest fence, built of wrought iron in 1771 around the bowling green to guard the charging bull statue. And then there’s the Great Wall of China that’s been around for 300-plus years.

Your new fence doesn’t have to last that long, but it should stand at least seven to 20 years. And it should be functional and look great around your home.

But there are so many types of fences, and you’re wondering which is best for your home.

To help, we’ve put together a list of nine great fence options. Keep reading to see which best fits your needs and then get started picking the design and material for you.

1. Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing has that wrought iron look, elegant, appealing, and simple. It adds beautiful lines to your landscaping as a garden border fence.

It’s easy to install and doesn’t require maintenance. You can choose to paint it as you like.It is not, however, a fence that provides security.

2. Bamboo Fence

Eco-friendly and attractive, bamboo fencing is a nice newer option in warmer climates. Bamboo cane and rolled bamboo use wood frames to hold the bamboo poles together for a unique, beautiful design. Bamboo is easy to grow, so it really is environmentally friendly. Bamboo fencing adds style, privacy and a bit of security to your home.

3. Chain Link

You may not think of chain link for your home but if you get creative, it’s an inexpensive, durable, low-maintenance option. Use it to outline your property then grow your favorite vines or shrubs alongside to add beauty and a bit of privacy.

Chain link is ideal for yard fencing if you want to mark a border and give your yard a bit of structure. It’s also great as dog fencing if you want an enclosure for your pet. It’s nice too if you want the open-space look.

4. Eco-Stone Fence

We love this fencing option! It’s gorgeous, sturdy, and eco-friendly. It looks like a precast stone wall. Think granite stone in greys, browns, black, and beige. Talk to your landscaper to choose the best look for your home. And enjoy the fact that it’s much less expensive than precast stone and easy to install.

Made of 25-percent recycled material, it really does reduce your carbon footprint. This fence is ideal for privacy, security, and a gorgeous home.

5. Farm Fence

Think ponderosa, gorgeous horizontal pine between posts to keep the horses and cows in and the wild prairie out. This one looks amazing and we include it here because it’s nice if you just want to add fresh design to your landscaping or add a simple outline to your yard.

No security or privacy here and it’s expensive to put up and maintain. Since it’s wood, it will need upkeep and may need replacing every seven years or so.

That said, if you have horses, this could help, but really it’s just decorative.

6. PVC White-Picket Fence

Like white-picket fences but not the upkeep or cost? PVC is a great option. It’s the cheapest of all fence materials and it’s designed to look like wood pickets and posts. Actually, they put wood inside the posts to make it more sturdy, but still, it’s not as sturdy as a full-on wood fence.

Not great for security but ideal for privacy and it will stand for a long time, even in extreme weather conditions.

7. Vinyl White-Picket Fence

Like PVC, vinyl can give you that clean, picket-fence look but it’s much sturdier. It’s also more expensive to install. But once up, it’s there for a long time. It’s easy to clean and the paint doesn’t even stick to it, so no defacing here. You can hose it and soap it down and it looks good as new.

An elegant, practical fence, vinyl is great for privacy and security and is easy to care for.

8. Wood Fence

Wood fencing is by far the most popular of all fences. You can do so many fabulous looks, from traditional to modern, and the price is nice too. On the downside, wooden fences require maintenance. They need to be painted or sealed or stained.

They don’t hold up as well as some of the synthetic-material fences. And they need replacement more often, depending on the type of wood. Spruce, for example, might need replacing after seven years, whereas Eastern red cedar can last for decades. And some wooden fences have lasted up to 50 years!

Wood is great for privacy, security, and looks. Get creative for a contemporary modern look, for example, with large horizontal planks butted together.

9. Wrought Iron

Wrought iron gives your home that certain elegant, traditional look. Think long black stakes with fabulously designed and unique pieces at the tops. It is sturdy but see-through so you get a bit of security and not much privacy, just curb appeal and a boundary set.

Wrought iron is expensive and requires a lot of upkeep. It needs to be sanded for rust and painted every year or so to keep it looking nice.

So Many Great Types of Fences to Choose From

It’s amazing what you can do with the right material when it comes to style, affordability, and functionality! And now that you have an in into some of the popular and favorite types of fences available for your home, you can choose based on your needs, whether that be privacy, security, or just a darn good-looking home.

Did any of these types of fences jump out at you? Do you know what would be best for your home?

We’re here to help. We have a fun and easy visualization tool so you can see what your fence will look like. Contact us today to give it a try, talk about your options, and get a free estimate when you’re ready to go.

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