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Our neighbors and fellow community members can be blessings in many ways. It’s a joy to spend time with each other and look out for each other as a neighborhood should. There are limits, though, and we all need our personal space.

That’s why so many homeowners choose to install a fence. It establishes a clear boundary and depending on the fence, it can also provide privacy and curb appeal. Some fences can even increase home values.

The question, then, is what type of fence should you install? There are many options, but let’s compare two top choices: a wood vs. chain link fence.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of a Wood vs. Chain Link Fence

Your fence material is one of the first decisions you’ll need to make about your new fence. We’ve all heard about the “American dream” of the white picket fence, but the reality is that different fences are designed for different needs. These are the pros and cons you should consider for wood and chain link fences.

Pros of a Wood Fence

Whether you’re picturing an open pasture fence or a tall privacy fence, a wood fence offers several advantages for homeowners.

Greater Customization

For homeowners who have a specific vision for their fences, wood can be ideal. You can customize the wood variety, stain, height, post design, and more features of your fence.

In fact, when it comes to fences, wood is as customizable as it will get. For other materials, you’re generally limited to the options that manufacturers produce.

More Manicured Look

Wood fences tend to have a cleaner, more sophisticated look than chain link fences. They are associated with middle-class and higher-income homes, so most people see them as more desirable and aesthetically pleasing. That customization helps you choose the perfect look for your home too.

Increased Privacy and Security

While chain link fences are very visually open, wood fences are available in more privacy-focused designs. In fact, you can choose a fence with no space between the planks for a completely private yard.

Wood fences often provide better security than standard chain link fences as well. Someone can use the holes in a chain link fence to climb the fence, whereas wood is harder to scale because it has a smoother surface.

Cons of a Wood Fence

As many benefits as wood fences have, there are downsides too. Keep these factors in consideration.

Ongoing Maintenance

Beauty requires maintenance, and that is true of wood fences as well. Wood is naturally prone to moisture damage such as warping, rot, and mold. You’ll need to keep your wood fence properly sealed at all times, which requires regular re-sealing services.

Higher Cost

In general, wood fences cost more than chain link fences. While the materials are pricier, wood fences also cost more to install because the installation takes longer. This all factors into a higher initial cost which goes up further when you add in the maintenance costs.

With that in mind, though, remember that all fences will vary in price. Your cost will depend on the wood variety and other customization options as well as the height and size of your fence. Be sure to get a fencing quote before you make assumptions about prices.

Pros of a Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is a common counterpart to a wood fence. In fact, it’s the top-selling chain system in the world. These are the primary reasons for its popularity.

More Light Exposure

Chain link fences don’t block the light coming into your yard while most wood fences do. This makes them ideal for people who want to be able to grow flowers and other plants in their yard anywhere they choose. With wood fences, you can’t place plants in areas where the fence will block the light for considerable parts of the day.

Low Cost

Affordability is a key reason why so many homes and businesses have chain link fences. If you have a large space to fence in, you need a large volume of fencing. That means many materials will be cost-prohibitive while chain link is an economical option.

Of course, as with wood and any other type of fence, the options you choose will affect your cost. Taller chain link fences, color-coated fences, and specifications will change your price. This is why it’s so important to get a quote to see how much you need to budget.

Quick Installation

If you want a fence that you can get and have installed in a hurry, a chain link fence is probably your top choice.

For one, you’re more likely to find in-stock and readily accessible chain link fencing. There are fewer customization options so there isn’t as much of a need to order it in individual quantities.

Second, the installation process itself is faster as well compared to a wood fence. The entire process is more efficient whether you have a large or small area.

Cons of a Chain Link Fence

Every aspect of your home has disadvantages, including a chain link fence. As you weigh your options, keep these factors in mind.

Limited Options

While the limited customization means that chain link fences are easier to get in stock and are more affordable, it also means you have fewer options for your fence. They aren’t fully customizable the way wood fences are.

Still, there are some custom features you can select. For example, we offer chain link fencing in a variety of sizes, and we offer color-coated fencing as well.

Utilitarian, Not Decorative

When it comes down to it, chain link fences are primarily meant to do a job: maintain security and establish boundaries. They aren’t designed for decorative appeal. For some homeowners, this is exactly what they want. It all depends on your priorities.

Wood vs. Chain Link Fence: Choosing the Best Option for You

There’s no clear winner between a wood vs. chain link fence. The fact is that they both have pros and cons and are each ideal for their own specific circumstances. It comes down to your goals and priorities and choosing the fence that best aligns with them.

To learn more about your fencing options, call our fence specialists today.

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