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It costs an average of $2,791 to install a privacy fence on your property.

Is it really worth that much? Can’t you keep a lot of that money in your bank account by doing it yourself? You might be able to pull it off, but building a DIY privacy fence isn’t what you would call a simple job.

We’ve put together this guide to show you why you may want to stick with the professionals instead. Make sure you keep reading below to learn why putting up a fence might be a bigger challenge than it seems!

The Job Won’t Be as Easy as You Think

All you have to do is secure a few posts and nail the pickets to the backer rails, and then you’re done!

Unfortunately, building a privacy fence is much more complicated than that. Even if you’re only putting together a single short fence on one side of your property, it can take days (or even weeks) to finish.

You should always plan for a few unexpected issues to pop up along the way, as well, which can further slow you down. When you’re putting together your fence construction schedule, make sure you add a few extra days to account for these types of surprises.

And as you’re planning, don’t forget to consider the following factors.

The Tools

You’ll need more than just a hammer, some nails, and a shovel to get the job done. Since you’ll be cutting thick posts and trimming the pickets down to size, you’ll want to have some sort of circular saw on hand. Digging your post holes will also be much easier (and faster) with a post hole digger.

On top of these things, you should also get:

  • Work gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Measuring tape
  • Level

If you don’t have these tools sitting in your shed already, you’ll have to spend extra money buying them—and they can get expensive. Renting can help you save money, but it will still be an extra fee on top of your normal budget.

Depending on the types of problems you encounter along the way, you may also need other tools. For example, if you’re trying to dig a post hole and uncover a thick tree root, you may need to pull out an ax or a hand saw to remove it.

The Ground Work

Even if you have a post hole digger, the holes can still give you some trouble. Dirt that is too loose or sandy will fall out the gap in the bottom of your post hole digger, which will make digging a single hole take a long time.

There are ways around this, but they are troublesome and time-consuming. An easy method is to use a hose to get the dirt wet. After the water absorbs into the ground, the dirt will hold together better so you can scoop it out faster.

You may also have to do a bit of landscaping before you can even start the privacy fence installation. Uneven ground will get in the way of your fence, so while it doesn’t have to be perfect, you’ll have to spend some time leveling it.

The Time

DIYing your own privacy fence means you have to be willing to spend your afternoons and weekends working. If you want to spend your free time relaxing or spending time with your family, you might want to hire a professional fencing company instead.

It will also take you much longer to finish a fence yourself.

A professional team of installers can have your privacy fence done in one to three days. Since you won’t have any help, it can take two or more weeks to finish the entire fence.

It May Not End up Saving You Any Money

The biggest benefit of DIYing a privacy fence is you won’t have to pay for labor costs, which can help you save a lot of money.

Except that’s not always true.

It’s easy to make mistakes, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience building fences. You might have to end up buying more pickets or posts to replace damaged ones. In some cases, you may need to hire a fencing company to fix some of your mistakes or finish the job for you.

This will make your total privacy fence cost more expensive than if you had just hired professionals in the first place.

The DIY Privacy Fence Will Look Home-Made

This isn’t necessarily a problem. A DIY fence can give your property a personalized touch, but if you want something that looks perfect, this isn’t the route for you.

If you’re like most homeowners, you also don’t have the same skills as professional fence installers. Because of this, your fence may not be as strong or last as long as what a fencing company can give you.

Getting a Privacy Fence Without the Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Building a DIY privacy fence can be a rewarding project if you have the tools, experience, and time required to get the job done. If you aren’t prepared for a lot of hard work, though, you’re better off hiring a professional fencing company instead.

Not sure where to find one?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Florida State Fence today! We’ll show you a few privacy fence ideas for your property and give you a free estimate on what you like.

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