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Did you know that high-quality aluminum is sometimes comparable in strength to steel?

Aluminum is a metal that has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. It’s lightweight and affordable. So if you’re looking for an aluminum commercial fence, it will prove to be a long-lasting, durable solution.

Question is, what should you be looking for when on the market for a fence? Not every aluminum fence for commercial use is made equal. Buy cheap, and you might have to replace the fence again in a few years.

Join us as we discuss some of the key things you need to watch out for when you’re on the market.

Choose the Right Style of Fence

A fence isn’t just a security installation. It’s an aesthetic compliment to the building it encircles. Choosing the right style of fence for your building serves to achieve a couple of things.

Aluminum fencing for a commercial property such as a gated community, for example, needs to ride the line between functionality and beauty. It needs to show off the beauty of the homes without being easy to climb over.

Commercial grade aluminum fencing for a government building, on the other hand, can afford to appear more bland. It’s not there to turn heads. Rather, it’s meant to make the place look imposing and impenetrable.

A fence is a message as well. A short fence with wide gaps in the bars communicates that security might not be the highest priority. A tall fence with tight gaps and anti-climbing measures says something else.

Not sure what sort of fencing works for you? Talk to an expert who knows fencing and get their perspective on what sort of installation would look good in your case.

Make Sure Your Aluminum Commercial Fence Provides Adequate Security

Good fences make good neighbors. A high-quality commercial aluminum fence signals that you want privacy and you intend to keep all unwanted visitors out.

Make sure you get a fence that fulfills the security needs of your location. If you just need a barrier to keep local kids from climbing over, then a standard chain link fence might be enough.

But if you need to keep criminals and other unauthorized persons out, you may need something taller. You’ll need a fence that can attach firmly to the side of a building. This fence needs to stay rooted firmly in its cement blocks without bending or breaking.

An ideal fence adapts to your specific case. You can mount it in any medium, and use it to surround any area that you need.

These fences are also not ideal for climbing. They make it painful or difficult to vault over. Even in the dark of the night without a patrolling security force, they should be some sort of deterrent against criminal activity.

These rugged, heavy-duty security fences also serve to make them more durable. Strong security and strong durability go hand in hand.

Look For Weather-Resistance Paint and Coatings

Nothing looks worse than an old fence with flaking paint and rusted sides. It gives a poor impression of your business. In the future, it could prove to be a security risk if someone attempts to break through.

Make sure the aluminum fencing for commercial and industrial that you buy has long-lasting paint coatings. Weather-proof paint will withstand rain and humidity.

Sun is another factor to consider. The Florida sun can beat down like no other, degrading your fence over time. Sun damage is a common cause of peeling and flaking paint if the fence is low quality.

While aluminum does not rust, it can become prone to corrosion if its special coatings peel away. An aluminum fence for commercial purposes can last for years, and won’t show signs of wear seen in rust-prone steel.

Get Yourself a Fence That’s Low Maintenance

Following the above, you need a fence that won’t need frequent inspection. If you have to go out to it every few weeks to check whether everything is in order, that’s wasted time on your part.

A cheap fence might require a lot of love. You’ll need to go out on a regular basis to repaint it to keep rust out. It may come loose from its concrete footing, requiring you to repour the foundation.

If the material is too flimsy, then all it takes is one vagabond trying to climb over before it starts to bend. Replacing individual sections of the fence or reinforcing them is more wasted time and money.

A low-maintenance fence can last for months without complaint. It withstands everything from the weather to the occasional encounter with an intruder.

And throughout all of this, it continues to look good. You won’t have to touch up the paint to make sure it stays presentable for clients.

Low maintenance also means you won’t have to replace it as often. If the fence only lasts a few years, it’s going to require a lot of maintenance up until it breaks for good.

Find an Aluminum Commercial Fence Today

Aluminum is a lightweight, high-strength material that is great for fencing. However, if you’re on the market for an aluminum commercial fence, use this buyer’s guide to decide if it’s the right one for you.

A proper fence not only provides security, but withstands the elements. It goes well with your property, reflecting who you are as a business.

Not sure where to start? Florida State Fence is ready to help. You can get a free estimate today and start planning what sort of fence you need for your property.

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