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If you’re working on a dangerous project, the last thing you want is a kid, or even an adult, wandering in and hurting themselves.

If you don’t have the proper boundaries up, you’ll find yourself responsible legally for the accident or injury. This is why temporary fencing is essential for keeping your space safe.

Even if you need to keep two groups of people separate, temporary fencing is going to make your job much easier.

Keep reading to learn about what temporary fencing is, as well as why you would need it!

What Is Temporary Fencing?

Temporary fencing is fencing that is used to secure an area.

While there is permanent fencing that can be used for safety and security, temporary fencing is great for people who need more flexible fencing options. Temporary fencing can also be called “mobile fencing.”

Metal fence systems are a popular way to ensure the security of an area, but there are some differences between temporary and permanent metal fencing. Permanent fencing is very robust and difficult to move once put in.

If you feel you will need to move your fencing soon after installing it, then permanent is probably not the option for you. Many people prefer temporary fencing because it is durable, but it can also be moved if necessary.

Temporary fencing can be moved over and over again while remaining intact. Temporary fencing has been known to last years.

What Applications Can You Use Temporary Fencing For?

There are many reasons that you may need to move your fence often. Let’s look at some common ones.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are one of the most common places to use temporary fencing.

Since construction sites can be dangerous to passersby, it’s important to have some sort of boundary. Temporary fencing works great for construction sites because it only needs to be up until the construction is done.

When temporary fencing is used at a construction site, it can be called “construction hoarding.”

You’ve probably seen bright orange, mesh fencing around a construction site. This is attached to metal prongs that are meant to keep it around the entire construction site. Aside from the more popular bright orange fencing, construction sites also commonly use black rubber tarps.

The tarps are attached to wooden stilts that are held on by wooden staples. The tarp covers the entire workspace.

Outdoor Events

Another common use for temporary fencing is at outdoor events.

There are so many events that require a temporary fence. Concerts use temporary fences to ensure that nobody sneaks in without buying tickets. Along with keeping out any guests who haven’t paid, these fences are used for crowd control.

A temporary fence between the crowd and the stage is essential for the safety and security of the person performing.

Temporary fencing is also used at sporting events, government events, weddings, movies (remember that red velvet rope?), and movie sets. Basically, any place where the general public needs to be separated from an event that’s happening requires the use of a temporary fence.

Baby Gates

A temporary fence that many of us forget about is baby gates.

If you’ve been the parent of a little one, you know that you can’t take your eyes off of them for more than a second. Babies and toddlers are known for getting into anything they can, which is why safety fences or “baby gates” are a necessity.

Baby gates are considered temporary fences because they can be set up and moved all around the house. Hanging out in the living room? You can set up a baby gate at the entryway and keep them in.

Need to keep them in their playroom but you need to see them? Baby gates are perfect for this. Temporary fences for children can either be set up for longer periods of time or moved daily to fit your needs.

Longer-term baby gates usually have a door with a child-proof lock which allows you to enter and leave the room.

Pet Fences

There are also temporary fences that work well for containing pets.

While a fenced-in backyard leans more on the side of permanent fencing, there are plenty of options for temporary fencing. There are fences that form a circle, square, or rectangle which keeps your pet confined to a small area.

These fences are very useful for keeping puppies from running rampant.

Or, if you don’t have a fenced-in yard at your house, you can connect several of these little fences together. This way your pet can have some time to play outside without you worrying about them running off!

Types of Temporary Fencing

Now that we know what temporary fencing is commonly used for, what are the different types?

Picket Fence

We’ve all seen them, the white picket fence around the yard of a home. These fences are great for keeping children and pets in a yard, as well as intruders out of the yard.

Bike Rack Barricade

Bike rack barricades are primarily used at events that require crowd control. These can be used at sporting events, marathons, or even concerts.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are commonly used at events like carnivals.

These fences are used for lines or around the perimeter of the rides for safety purposes. Chain link fences can also be used at construction sites.

Mojo Barricade

Mojo barricades are commonly used at events.

These barricades are made from aluminum. The aluminum provides security by having a strong, sturdy feel. They are also lightweight so they can be easily moved from place to place.

Mojo barricades are often used for crowd control when something stronger than a bike barricade or cow gate is needed.

Is Temporary Fencing the One for You?

Whether you have a toddler on the loose or you’re working on a construction project, you’ll find that temporary fencing is a necessity.

If you need temporary fencing for your home or event, reach out to us today!

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