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If you have kids or pets, a fenced-in yard is essential for your home.

A fenced-in yard is going to keep your kids or pets safe from running out into the street. Adding a fence to your yard also adds a visual appeal to the property.

Many homeowners search for a home that includes a fenced-in yard, so adding a fence is immediately going toboost your home value. There are so many different materials to choose from, however, wood is one of the best!

You can’t go wrong with a wood picket fence as you begin building your fence.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of installing a wood fence!

Why You Should Get a Wood Picket Fence

There are so many options to choose from as you embark on your journey to install a fence in your yard.

With so many different materials, styles, functions, and sizes, choosing a fence can be a daunting task. If you’re finding yourself unsure of which fence to choose, consider a wood picket fence. A wood picket fence is simple, affordable, and fairly easy to maintain.

Wood picket fences are one of the most common fences you’ll see in your neighborhood, and it should come as no surprise why! There are so many benefits to choosing wood to build your fence.

Here are a few reasons you should install a wood picket fence in your yard:

1. They Look Great

If you’re looking for that classic white picket fence, you’re going to want to get a wood picket fence.

Whichever color you choose to paint your wood picket fence will look great, however, white is one of the most common colors. If you have kids, consider letting them help you paint it!

This will make for a fun, family project. Plus, who doesn’t want a little extra help with work around the house?

Another great thing about choosing a wood picket fence is that you can design it however you choose. If you want pointed tops, you can definitely install that type. If you’re looking for a bit of a modern twist, you can go for the flat tops!

On top of the style, you have the full creative ability to choose the shade of the fence. A popular trend is having a bit of an opaque white color on the fence rather than the traditional solid color.

If you want to add color shade differences, designs, or anything else to your fence, the ball is in your court! Don’t feel pressured to make a decision right away on the fence color, as you can always paint over it later.

While wood looks great, you may need to consider another material if you’re using your fence for security measures.

2. They’re Much More Affordable Than Many Other Fencing Materials

Wood is one of the cheapest materials that you can buy while building your fence.

Wood costs around $7-15 per foot when you build with lumber. Some other materials can cost dozens of dollars per foot!

Sure, vinyl is a great second option, but when you compare wood to steel or wrought iron, the price is drastically different. If you’re just looking for a fence to keep your pets in or to add visual appeal to your home, wood is a great, inexpensive material.

Many people underestimate the cost of building a fence in their yard. Between the fencing materials, sealant, gates, and labor, you’re ending up with a project that’s going to cost thousands of dollars.

With the grand total being so high, it would be helpful to spend less on the materials if you don’t have much extra money to spend.

3. You Can Install Wood Picket Fences for Privacy

While many of us picture fences with gaps in between the posts, wood fences don’t have to be structured that way!

If you’re looking to add a fence for privacy reasons, adding a wood picket fence is a great option. Instead of installing the spaced-out, individual posts, install the panels instead.

This will give you and your family the privacy you seek at an affordable price!

4. Wood Is More Environmentally Friendly Than Other Materials

A trend that we’re starting to see a lot more of is home renovations that keep sustainability in mind.

If you’re looking to create a greener home, wood picket fencing is a “must.” Not only is wood a natural material that requires little manufacturing but wood can be easily recycled.

Reclaimed wood fences are becoming all the rage as they aren’t only eco-friendly, but they’re stylish as well. You can either buy reclaimed wood or use free wood. One way that wood can be recycled is through the use of palettes.

Many businesses will leave palettes near the road outside of their business if they no longer have a need for them. If you’re looking to create a sustainable fence as well as save money, this is perfect for you. Palettes are free and they usually offer wood that’s in great condition.

Wood is also biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about using materials that are just going to sit in a landfill for years.

5. Wood Fences Are Durable

Keep in mind that wood fences are typically only durable when installed professionally.

There are quite a few steps and tools that go into installing a wood picket fence correctly, and a professional has knowledge of these. A professional will install your wood picket fence so it won’t move unless you decide to remove it!

Additionally, maintenance is required to keep wood fences sturdy. Maintenance includes re-painting, re-coating, and replacing planks that are damaged. As long as you have your wood picket fence installed correctly and you maintain it, you can count on it holding up very well!

Are You Ready to Install Your Wood Picket Fence?

If you’re ready to install an affordable, durable, and visually pleasing fence, don’t hesitate!

There are so many reasons why you should have a fence in your yard, and just as many for why you should invest in a wood picket fence.

Reach out to us today for a free quote if you’re ready to have your fence built.

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