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The history of the fence is closely tied to the idea of land ownership and taking care of one’s personal property. Fences have been documented throughout history, including since the founding of America.

Today, people still use fences to show they own a piece of property. Now, however, people can choose unique fences that suit their needs and personalities.

One popular choice in the modern era is privacy fencing. Continue reading to learn about the benefits you could reap from choosing a privacy fence for your home.

What Is a Privacy Fence?

When choosing a fence for your home, there are many options available. Many people choose two different types of fencing for their front and back yards.

Fences for the front yard tend towards vinyl, chain link, or picket fencing. These options allow for a little more safety while still allowing people to see the front of your home easily.

People tend to choose higher fencing options for their backyards. This is where most people prefer to have increased privacy. It is also where children and pets most often play, so additional safety measures are often needed.

These taller fences are called privacy fencing. As the name suggests, these options allow you more privacy.

How? They’re taller, which means it’s more challenging to see over them. Depending on the exact height, a privacy fence can completely block the view of your yard.

What Is Privacy Fencing Made Of?

Just as there are many different fencing options available, there are also various materials that could be used. Some of the most common materials for fencing, in general, include metal, wood, and vinyl.

Wood is the most traditional material for privacy fencing. Many homeowners enjoy the simple natural wood design. Others choose to paint their privacy fencing because wood generally takes to paint well.

Metal is rarely (if ever) used for privacy fences. Vinyl, however, has become an increasingly popular material choice. Vinyl privacy fences are most often seen in white, but can also be different colors like their wood counterparts.

1. Increased Privacy

As the name suggests, privacy fences are your best option if you’d like more privacy in your front or backyard.

Increased privacy allows you to take fuller advantage of your yard. People with pools can go swimming without fear people will see them in their swimsuits. You can sunbathe or watch the kids play while still in your pajamas without fear someone will see you.

On the opposite end, privacy fencing can be excellent if you have neighbors you’d rather not see. If a neighbor’s yard is a mess or they routinely do things you’d rather your children not see, this type of fencing can help alleviate the issue.

2. More Security

Taller fences serve two distinct purposes when it comes to increasing security. First, they make it more difficult for people to see in. Second, they’re more difficult to breach.

Burglars tend to choose the more accessible options when it comes to breaking into homes. One thing they prefer is being able to view the house and yard. Visually scanning the property allows criminals to see what they’re up against.

When they’re unable to scan the property, criminals don’t know what they might face when breaking into your home. Do you have a guard dog or bars on your windows? It’s much more challenging to answer these questions when a privacy fence blocks the view.

A privacy fence is also harder for someone to breach. It takes more skill to climb over them. Many people are unable to get over them without a nearby tree or even a ladder.

The longer it takes a criminal to get over your fence, the greater the chance they’ll be caught in the act. Many would-be burglars would rather not take the risk and choose an easier property instead.

3. Safer for Pets and Children

If you have pets or children, you know they can be escape artists. Having a privacy fence can make it safer for them when inside the yard. This is especially true for larger dogs and slightly older children.

If choosing a privacy fence for the backyard so your kids or pets can play, you can even choose to not have a gate. No gate means it would be impossible for them to escape.

4. Extra Shelter

A privacy fence can provide extra shelter against high winds. Additional protection from strong winds is especially useful for plants.

When winds are too high, they can topple plants over or rip them right from their roots. If you live in an area that tends towards being windy, a privacy fence can help keep your plant life safe.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

A privacy fence can add aesthetic appeal to your property. Not only does it look pleasing on its own, but it can hide any clutter you might have in your yard. It can, for example, hide mountains of children’s toys.

Since a privacy fence is aesthetically pleasing, it also has the potential to increase your property values. This can be especially useful if you plan to sell your property. Installing a privacy fence can help you sell your home faster, for more money.

Do You Have More Questions About Privacy Fencing?

Privacy fencing is most often chosen for backyards. They are commonly seen in wood or vinyl materials. Privacy fences provide multiple benefits to homeowners, as detailed above.

Do you have more questions about privacy fencing? Or, would you like to discuss having a privacy fence professionally installed at your home?

Contact us today. One of our associates would be happy to answer any questions you may have. They can also help you set up an appointment if desired.

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