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Installing a permanent fence is a big investment. It takes a lot of planning and time to install a fence permanently on your property. This is true for both residential and commercial properties, but what if you don’t need a permanent fence?

In many situations, a temporary fence is all that’s needed. You can avoid a labor-intensive project when you need safety barricades for a few different purposes. Temporary fences or barricades protect your property and control crowds without a permanent structure yet still provide a solid and durable barrier.

Whether you’re looking to control traffic or block sections of an event, safety barricades can be extremely beneficial. Not sure what type of barricade you need? Continue reading below for a list of the most common reasons why you’d need a barricade and which kind works best for each.

1. Construction Site

There are a few factors that will help you determine what type of temporary fence to use at your construction site. For starters, you’ll need to look into the local regulations regarding temporary fencing at construction sites. There are specific regulations depending on where the construction site is located.

The type of construction work being done also needs to be taken into account. For example, construction on a residential site differs greatly from construction on a commercial site. The type of construction being done will also determine the best type of temporary fence to use.

Fencing Panels

Fencing panels are a temporary option that works best with construction sites that have a clear finish date. Fencing panels give you the benefits of a chain-link fence without having to install the fence into the ground.

To make this fence more durable, you can add sandbags to help hold it down. They also come in several different shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of options. Privacy screens and gates can be added as well to make your fencing panels even more functional for you.

In-Ground Fencing

In-ground fencing is a great option for construction sites that are long-term. In-ground fencing does require drilling the fences into the ground, but it creates a more stable and durable temporary fence.

If you don’t want access to a construction site for a long and extended period of time, then in-ground fencing is a great option.

2. Concerts, Races, Similar Events

Tampa, FL and neighboring areas are home to many different events all throughout the year. There are concerts, races, and events of all types happening almost weekly it would seem. When planning a concert, a race, or another similar event, you should consider barricade fences.

Barricade Fences

Barricades are shorter than fencing panels and they’re also lighter, which makes them easier to move and relocate as needed. However, these barricades are made from steel, making them durable and the perfect barrier for large crowds.

Daisy chain links and interlocking hooks make barricades flexible and dependable! Because of this, they’re easy to set up and take down as needed. They’re the perfect solution for even one-day events.

When you need to block off several different sections inside an event such as a VIP section, a staging area, or a safe distance away from racing cars, choose barricade fences.

3. Festivals

Festivals are yet another popular event that happens in the Tampa, FL area on a regular basis. If you’re planning a festival or are in charge of setting one up, then you’ll need to look into the best options for temporary fences at festivals.

Fencing Panels

Fencing panels are a great option for festivals. You can use fencing panels at the entrances and exits of your festivals to control who comes in and who leaves. If you have a lot of different areas inside the festival that need to be blocked off or secured, you can use fencing panels for that as well.

They’re easy to move around and aren’t drilled into the ground, giving you optimal flexibility.

Barricade Fences

If you’re dealing with crowds that are a bit more on the aggressive side, then you can consider using barricade fences for your festival. The barricade fences are built with stronger and more durable materials made to withstand even the toughest crowds.

4. Strong Wind Environments

As a resident in or near the Tampa, FL area, you know just how vicious the winds can get at times. When heavy winds pick up, you won’t have to worry about them causing damage to your property as long as you have windscreens.


Windscreens are installed on your in-ground fence or fencing panels. They create a barrier from high winds and other elements as well. This is beneficial at construction sites and events as well.

The wind won’t have as much ease getting through the fence, and your property will stay protected.

5. Crowd Control

Commercial reasons aren’t the only times when you might need a temporary fence. Residential properties can benefit from them as well. Think about all the times when there was an event, festival, or parade right outside your front door.

At the time, you most likely were wishing that you had some type of fence up to protect your property from those attending these events.

Barricade Fences and Fencing Panels

Barricades are an awesome choice for a durable barrier between your property and those attending an event in the neighborhood. However, if you want something with a lot of height, then you might want to choose fencing panels.

The type of crowd you expect will determine what type of temporary fence you need.

Which Safety Barricades Do You Need?

After reading through this guide, do you know which types of safety barricades you need? With all these different options, be sure to think about the type of situation thoroughly before making your decision.

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