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Not all wood fences are created equal. Don’t be fooled by other companies enticing potential customers with cheap prices because it comes with inferior products. Florida State Fence is Tampa Bays largest wood fence installation company. We build every wood fence with precision while utilizing top quality materials. We only use 2″ x 4″ runner instead of 2″ x 3″. This gives your wood panels more support where it needs it the most. Our pickets are 5/8″ thick by 6″ wide, not 1/2″ x 4″ like our competitors. Larger materials profiles and beefier materials make for longer lasting fences.

Make sure when you’re getting a free estimate that you ask the right questions. Knowledge is power.

  • Wood fence styles:
  • Privacy wood fence or stockade wood fence
  • Board on board wood fence
  • Picket wood fence
  • Concave wood fence
  • Scalloped wood fence

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