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Once upon a time, your house/castle needed a big, ugly moat for protection, security, and to mark your territory. Luckily, today, you can have a secure fence for your castle (read: home), and it can look gorgeous too, even if you want a modern-day moat.

We’re guessing you’d rather skip the moat and go for one of the fence styles that’s a bit more subtle while still being hip and secure. They’re so much more practical.And there are a lot of great options and fabulous styles right now for your home.

To show you what’s possible and available, we’ve put together some of our favorite trending fence styles that are excellent security-wise too. Keep reading tosee what you like and thensee which ones will work best for you.

Wood Fencing

Wood is the most popular type of fence material and has been trending in the U.S. for at least 400 years. Wood is sturdy and can be cut tall to provide privacy and security. It also offers flexibility as you can go with numerous styles, including those trending right now, like one of our favorites: horizontal fencing.

With the right wood, like cedar, your wood fence can last decades. It can be pricey to install, but this depends on the style. And wood does require maintenance and can get weathered, but if you do the upkeep regularly, you can have the ideal security fence that complements your home and property.

Modern Contemporary Horizontal Fencing

As mentioned, horizontal fencing is one of our favorites. As old as wood fences themselves, this style of placing straight-edge pickets horizontally between posts has become very popular in architectural and landscape design. It dresses up your house with clean, contemporary lines adding definite curb appeal while offering a sturdy barrier.

Planks are stacked horizontally, side by side, with no gap. They can reach as high as you like. The planks are surrounded by a frame which can be painted a contrasting color. Try natural wood pickets with a dark-stained frame.

Two-Tone Wood Fence

The two-tone fence is a hugely popular look right now. As we mentioned for the horizontal contemporary look, contrasting colors work nicely. Paint or stain the frame, backer fence, and posts one color and go with a light natural look for the planks.

You can get pre-stained and pre-painted wood to save time.

Wood Fence Panels

Another time saver for sturdy, secure wood fences is wood panels. These pre-made wood fence sections come in gorgeous trendy styles as well.

One of the most popular is the very classic dog-ear-plank look with boards butted together and rounded at the top. This sold/stockade wood-panel style is quite popular with and without the dog-ear curves and planks can be cut high for security. A real classic, this one is always in style and goes with most homes.

A second wood-panel trend is the board-on-board look where the vertical planks overlap but alternate front overlap with back overlap. This makes for a gorgeous symmetrical style.

A third and beautiful secure wood look is found with cedar tongue and groove wood panels. Like the other looks, planks are tight together but there are also bars along the joints. It’s a sophisticated fence.

Masonry and Eco-Stone

Stone, brick, and block fences give your home a classic traditional look that, once again, is always in. But these fence designs are expensive and difficult to build. Enter eco-stone fencing.

We love this look and it’s trending big because it’s environmentally friendly as it’s made out of25-percent recycled material.

And your house will look gorgeous because it looks just like a precast granite-stone wall. Choose from a variety of stone colors, including grey, beige, brown, and black. Sturdy and secure, an eco-stone fence is also low maintenance easy to install, and significantly less expensive than real stone or precast stone.

Metal Fencing in Style

There are a lot of wood alternatives and metal is one but that fake-wood trend is out. Today, metal itself is in style. This is a great option for security and can look super sleek, modern, and fun too.Think all-black metal fence with stylized frame jutting out and cross bars.

Corrugated metal is another huge trend and green/eco-friendly as well as it’s mostly made out of recycled metals. Not only can it last forever, figuratively speaking, but it’s durable and easy to maintain.

Mix and Match Fence Styles

Mixing and matching fence materials and styles is another look we’re seeing and loving. Try stone with wrought iron on the top. This can be high and extra secure and you can play with the design to create something interesting. The stone looks classic and the iron can add character. Think playful, romantic.Go with the eco-stone panels and you have something extra durable and affordable.

Another great option combines metal with wood. Try sturdy stockade panel with iron on top. Again, you get the sturdy, classic wood and can play with the iron to add flair.

Security Gate Easy Add-On

Add a security gate to your new fence for an extra security boost. Enjoy the ease and added protection of automatic gate operators and controls to access the door. Be sure to plan this out with your installer and designer, as you want it to go in when you put in your fence.

Your gate can be easily designed to match your gorgeous fence.

Lighting Add-On

Landscape lighting design is another current trend that can add elegance and flair to your fence.Lights are placed to reflect on your fence so attention focuses on lines and shadows, giving everything a softened look.

Try cap lights on the posts of your fence or go retro or vintage with lights strung along the entire stretch.

Your Favorite Fence Styles and Your Home

Now that you have an idea of trending fence styles, you’re ready to pick the best for you. Luckily, security can look great too with your home, and we have a visualizer tool that lets you see how well your favorite fence designsuits your house.

Contact us today to talk about your fence design options and to try them on with our tool so you can get a real sense of which is the best fit.We offer free estimates too and then you can get started!

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