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The latest statistics reveal there are over 1 million residential burglary victims in the U.S. per year. What deters these merchants of mayhem? A fence is a good first line of defense.

But a fence does so much more for your property, including adding beauty and increasing the value. From pretty decorative fences to serious privacy fences, there are so many styles from which to choose.

Want to turn your yard into a secure and secluded oasis? Here are 7 ideas for yard fencing that’ll transform your space.

1. Classic White Picket Fence With Arbor

The classic short white picket fence is understated and beautiful. At only a few feet tall, it deters thieves while adding privacy. Better yet, it looks gorgeous.

But you don’t have to keep it short. The white picket fence looks fine in a taller version, adding more privacy and security.

Add an arbor with lattice at the front gate. Plant climbing roses or other vines for a stunning and inviting front yard entrance. Your neighbors won’t wait for an invitation!

And don’t be afraid of other colors. The classic picket fence doesn’t have to be white. Use whatever color complements your house.

2. Yard Fencing From Willow Branches

Looking to get back to nature? How about a fence made from willow or hazel branches? These natural border fences are pleasing to the eye and also organic. They’re even biodegradable.

Natural branch fences go great in wildflower gardens. If you’re in the mood for a big DIY project, you can make one yourself. Use any pliable branches and weave them together to form a fence.

Willow branches stuck into the ground actually grow. Weave the branches horizontally, vertically, and diagonally for the best fence support.

3. Paddock and Corral Yard Fencing

Paddock and corral fences are perfect if you live in the country or suburbs. If you’ve got horses, a classic three-rail paddock fence is the best. Make sure you’ve got the bottom rail high enough off the ground.

If the horse lays down near the fence, you don’t want his legs getting tangled in the fence when he stands. Keeping the bottom rail high enough avoids any problems.

Make sure the fence posts are on the outside of the fence so the horses don’t rub against them and get caught.

Even if you don’t have horses, a paddock fence is a beautiful addition to a large yard. It offers security with a nice airy look.

4. White Lattice and Solid Fence Mix

Here’s an interesting combination. Do a durable, solid white vinyl fence about four feet high and top it with a white lattice.

This type of fence offers privacy and security but still gives you a way to view outside the yard. If you don’t want anyone looking in, plant climbing flowers and vines on the upper lattice.

Vinyl fencing is durable and long lasting. You can grow any type of vine on it without worries of it rotting or getting pulled down.

5. The Secret Garden Style Fence With Doorway

Try eco-conscious Trex fencing for a secret garden style fence. This durable fencing is made of recycled plastic and wood. Install it and forget about it.

There’s no annual maintenance. No sanding and re-staining.

Install a six-foot privacy fence. Add a beautiful solid gate with a peep-through cut-out window with decorative cast iron.

Add some ivy and let it grow across the top of the fence for even more privacy. When the gate opens, there’s your lush, secret garden. Add a few small shelves to the inside of the fence for even more plant potential.

Line up multi-colored and different-size containers along the bottom of the fence for a whimsical look.

With yard fencing like this, you’ll never want to leave the front garden!

6. Aluminum Fence and Gate

A traditionally wrought iron fence is heavy and expensive. It also requires regular maintenance.

An aluminum fence and gate is a great alternative. It offers elegance and strength without the upkeep. Aluminum fences come in many different styles, colors, and heights.

Choose a fence with a curved top or go more traditional with pressed point pickets. Aluminum fences are great for backyard play areas. They’re also the perfect choice for keeping kids safe from a backyard pool.

If you want a more traditional look, use aluminum fencing between brick posts. Plant flowers around the bottom or let vines grow for a little more privacy.

If you live near the ocean, aluminum fencing is a good choice since the salt water won’t corrode it.

7. Horizontal Fencing

Be bold and try something different like horizontal wood fencing. If your house is midcentury modern, horizontal fencing is a natural choice for its clean lines and sophisticated look.

A horizontal wood fence offers plenty of privacy and security. Make it as short or as tall as you like. And there are so many ways to dress it up.

Put built-in shelves with long gutters full of draping ivy along the inside of the fence. Or hang upcycled crates for the perfect container garden.

Vertical succulent gardens hanging from the fence also add a nice touch and they’re easy maintenance.

Yard Fencing for Security and Beauty

There are so many great ideas when it comes to yard fencing. Fences keep your yard safe, secure, and beautiful. Keep the kids in and the thieves out with one of these beautiful fence ideas.

From the classic white picket fence to the secret garden, there’s a fence solution that’ll work great for your home. Add a touch of modern with horizontal planks. Or keep it more traditional with aluminum pressed point pickets.

Add a pergola or arbor for interest.

Mix and match with a solid bottom and latticework top. Throw in climbing vines and flowers for a touch of whimsy and added privacy.

Get creative and use your imagination. When you’re ready for the perfect fence for your home, give us a call. We’ll help turn your dream yard into the perfect oasis.

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